Monday, June 12, 2006

Guest TAPEr's Chart: Skull Juice, London

Alright my dears. I'm about to head off to have a boogie at Trash before boarding our plane to Barcelona; I hate to go on about it, but I CANNOT FUCKING WAIT. Having just heard about the Wagon Repair and BPitch/Border Communitiy parties my excitement has been piqued beyond control. Let's hope I get there without any problems.

So, as I told you t'other day, I'm not going to be posting for a while, but before I piss off I have a guest TAPEr's chart for your delectation: this time from Skull Juice, aka Alex Egan and Benedict X, those London based DJs/budding producers whose fantastic
blog you've probably seen and whose 'Serious Fun' mix you MUST hear (you can find that on their blog n'all). The young bounders have dangerously good taste and fearsome skills to match; catch them spinning at Corsica Studios on July 1st (details at the bottom of this post). Here, then, is the chart they've kindly worked up for us and some mp3s to boot....

Skull Juice's 'Coal Souled' Top 10

0. Skatt Bros. - Walk The Night // White
So so good we named our club night after it...

1. We Are Wolves - Vosotrous Monstrous // Uknown
There a lot of bands named for the wolf, ultimate creature of the night; Aids Wolf, Wolfmangler, Wolfmother, Wolf Eyes, Wolf Parade...most of them are loud, but We Are Wolves you can dance to instead of just suffering so beautifully until your eyes bleed, and this is a stomping dance party of a rock song, soon to be re-edited by Benedict too, watch out for that...

We Are Wolves - Vosotrous Monstrous // Unknown

2. Tango & Ratty - Tales From The Darkside // White
One of the ultimate oft-overlooked hardcore classics, in classic old skool style, it's at least three tunes in one and they're all golden, gold 'n' evil, of course

3. Bruce Haack - Mean Old Devil // QDK Media
Bruce Haack makes the best and weirdest kids records ever, an early synth pioneer as well as super-multi-instrumentalist, his records are like dripping liquid acid into your kids ears with a clown shaped pipette. When I have kids I'm going to play them this stuff, I think they'll turn out fine. Big clown shaped beds too, like in the Simpsons, that's what kids like right?

4. The Dayton Sidewinders - Slipping Into Darkness // Unknown
A cover of the War song , though it's hard to tell, the Dayton Sidewinders version is way better and way way dirtier, full of wah wah, b-boy dream drums and horns a plenty, dark summer night sex music

The Dayton Sidewinders - Slipping Into Darkness // Unknown

5. Midnight Mike - Midnight Drive // The Republic of Desire
Imho, mike's crowning acheivment, a super dark, oppressive shuffle techno monster that could crush your soul into, well, coal i guess

6. Dark Day - Nudes In The Forest // Plexus
Super dark proto electro pop made up of comedy squelches and Bruce Haack's drum kit. Over the top Robin Lee Crutchfield croons nonsense about girls with bicycles going to see the snowman with a kitten, oh yeah, and automatic Irene

7. Experimental Products - Nightmares Parts 1&2 // Short Circuit Records
Simply the sound of evil creeping up behind you when you're in the garden of the big house on the corner looking for your ball and it's got dark all of sudden and you know Jimmy said she was witch but you didn't believe him but whats that noise, who's there? Hello? Hello?? Oh hey it's just a huge robot made out of the bodies of the people who died in Assault on Precinct 13, that's ok then, phew

Experimental Products - Nightmares Pt. 1 // Short Circuit Records
Experimental Products - Nightmares Pt. 2 // Short Circuit Records

8. Supersuckers - Evil Powers Of Rock 'n' Roll // Koch Records
"You might be crazy, I might be high", very big, not clever, but duh, who has the most fun in life, unix geeks or hell's angels? and who's better, Creed or Monster Magnet? Is the frontman of the Supersuckers called Eddie Spaghetti? Oh yes he is, 10million bonus points to that man.

9. Solid Space - A Darkness In My Soul // Unknown
Dark white light washes over your ravaged soul while casio drums march you into it

Solid Space - A Darkness In My Soul // Unknown

10. Flash And The Pan - Midnight Man // Epic

Either in its original (as featured on Rub & Tug's wonderful Campfire mix) or Francois K's amazing extended edit, Flash & The Pan return us back to where we started this list with joyous camp disco stomp of the highest wave your hands and scream order, wooop, it's not all doom and gloom people, the darkside can dance too!

Flash And The Pan - Midnight Man // Epic

The first WALK THE NIGHT will be on saturday July 1st at Corsica Studios, Elephant & Castle, London. Join us!


Blogger Electrobot said...

Another great chart of yours, Skull Juice. Good tunes!

4:07 PM  
Blogger Tal said...

wow, i'm amazed skull juice kids! great stuff, great selection. completely unpredicatble too.

by the way, kiran, you should check out the semi secret night with trevor jackson, tim sweeney, oskar meltzer, headman etc @ hotel diagonal in barcelona, its next week... email to get in because its on the roof of that hotel and the entrance is limited. have fun at sonar!

5:07 PM  
Blogger Benedict x said...

Auh shucks and ta muchly

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

well i hope the walk the night party is better than the crap mutant pop one i just experienced in bristol!

8:01 PM  
Blogger Puffin Jack said...

too scared to leave your name? player hater's eh? you want to watch out mate or we'll send carnage round to merk you!

12:11 PM  
Blogger Blackest said...

tal - i was there, it was wicked, cheers for the tip!

anonymous - if you had a crap night, you had a crap night - sorry! on the other hand, a rude comment without a name's unforgivable, so go die in a

1:34 PM  
Blogger Blackest said...

i take that back - little too dark for my liking

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

skull juice just follow trends, there is nothing "surprising" about these selections other than 2 kids who enjoy novelty crate digging and using random blogs to find pointless tracks, no doubt sooner or later they ll redisocver house (when it becomes popular) and sooner or later they find they like grunge, the point is they have no consistency and eventually they complete a whole circle, which will confirm the irony and all style no substance- of their very existence

1:02 PM  

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