Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Soft's Current Top 10

A new, addictive slice of techno-pop notably different in temperament to the unforgiving, linear techno of Mr Dear's previous releases as Audion. Released, I think, to promote his appearance at the SXSW festie. Correct me if I'm wrong. [EDIT: Ok, so I've thankfully been corrected. It seems 'Tide' is in fact a Matthew Dear track, taken from his 2004 Spectral LP Backstroke. That explains a lot. I'm an idiot, but you can also blame SXSW for widely promoting it as an Audion track. Sorry...]

Audion - Tide // Spectral Sound

2. AARON CARL - HATEFUL (ORLANDO VOORN REMIX) // WALLSHAKER MUSIC A Detroit tech-soul bomb, as The Underground Resistance fella wrings the best out of Aaron's vocodered vocal (key line: 'And if you can't tolerate my kind, you can kiss my fucking ass', strapping it to a gritty synth riff that'll have any dancefloor rapt.

3. LINDSTROM - TAKE ME TO THE METRO // OUTERGAZE Taken from the new and rather surplus to requirement Another Side of Lindstrom LP, here Hans-Peter pays homage to the modern New York disco sound, supplying a budget Bontempi take on Metro Area's inimitable, organic boogie operations.

4. ALEX UNDER - MULTIPLICANCIONES 2 // APNEA One of the hottest producers around, on this release the Spaniard delivers three mesmerising tracks of spacious, boompty minimal which is ever unfolding and plenty jacking. Amazing stuff, and the best of Under's recent slew of output on quality labels (Trapez, Plus8, etc)

5. PADDED CELL - ARE YOU ANYWHERE // DC RECORDINGS Another instalment of the cinematic disco-funk we've come to expect from this label, complete with shameless sax lines, murky effects and an irresistible bassline. I'm happy with that.

6. DABRYE - TRUFFLE NO SHUFFLE // GHOSTLY INTERNATIONAL I've been going a little bit mad for Ghostly of late, and this bit of sludgy, techno-inflected hip hop is one of the reasons why.

7. M.A.N.D.Y. - NUF // FINE The Get Physical flag-wavers get, er, physical, with a stylish electro-houser heralding the arrival of the new, and surely already behind-the-times(?) F.U.N. II compilation. This immaculately groomed track holds few surprises, but the programming's smart and the hook is moreish - reulting in the kind of clipped, melodic GP E-funk that invariably finds favour on the dancefloor.

8. TODD TERJE - BODIES (PRINS THOMAS ORGASMOTRON) // BEAR FUNK Just got into this, the A-side from Terje's first release on Bear Funk back in '04. Prins Thomas really excels himself, bringing all kinds of panning effects and an onslaught of eccentric percussion to what is an already fairly groovy party.

9. VARIOUS PRODUCTIONS - I'M REALLY HOT // VARIOUS PRODUCTIONS The increasingly compelling VP expand their repertoire of punky R&B piracy as they pour Missy Elliott's 'I'm Really Hot' into the electro-dubstep blender, turn the fucker on and press up the resulting paste.

10. HIGH FEELINGS - LEAVE NORWAY Counterfeit west-coast rock from Norway gets re-edited into a horribly likeable psyche-pop gem by Swedes with nothing better to do. Softie approves. You can download this in the post below if you're quick.

P.S. As always, add your own choices to the comments section for inclusion in this week's TAPEr's chart.


Blogger TDA. said...

Although the same person but never the less the "Tide" track is actually Matthew Dear taken from his 2004 album Backstroke.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Blackest said...

oh right, thanks for letting me know!

10:58 AM  

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