Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One Naughty Night In Bristol

If you're in Bristol tonight, there's only one place (other than hospital) that I'll expect you to be:

TAPE presents System

+TAPE DJs: Puffin Jack & Richard Carnage

Wednesday 15th February

@ NATIVE, Small St, Bristol

Doortax: £5

DJ Naughty (pictured above) was present at the birth of electroclash, and over the past ten years has been a stalwart on the scene, overseeing its many transitions and mutations into areas more techy, ravey, housey, dubby and minimal. He's a top-notch, fun-peddling DJ to boot - his recent mix album One Naughty Night in A Berlin on Eskimo (the home of great mixes, check the ones by Optimo, Smagghe & The Glimmers) is a witty, block rockin' testament to this. Here's what Phonica had to say about him, and it:

"Having released various 12 "s for Gigolo, Goodlife, Ferox, K7! and Four Music, co-producing albums for Chris Korda and DJ Hell and remixing the likes of Telex, Fischerspooner, Terranova, Foremost Poets and Tiga & Zyntherius, DJ Naughty has built up a solid production reputation. However, here on 'One Naughty Night In Berlin' we get Naughty in his deejaying element. This 23 track mix takes us from Farley Jackmaster Funk and Jesse Saunders' house classic 'Love Can't Turn Around' and Patrick Cowley's 'Sea Hunt' to the blistering techno sounds of Vitalic's 'My Friend Dario', M.A.N.D.Y. v Booka Shade's 'Body Language' and the currently massive Tiga mix of Tomas Andersson's 'Washing Up'. DJ Naughty takes us on another disco-fuelled journey that joins the past to the present with consummate ease."

Well, I'm reliably informed that as a live DJ too, he absolutely kills. So come see him; support comes from Puffin Jack and Richard Carnage whose recent record shopping suggests they have their turntables set to 'stun'. Embrace the Berlin quality, reject the Brizzle common demoninator...And, in the true spirit of System - FUCK THURSDAY!

Here's Naughty's typically irreverent mix of that ol' chestnut 'Emerge'...

Fischerspooner - Emerge (DJ Naughty's Zugabe Mix) // International Deejay Gigolos


Blogger Tal said...

sounds promising. i would have showed up if i wasnt buried in the arse of the universe - israel.

1:40 AM  
Blogger Blackest said...

Believe me: compared to London, Manchester, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin etc, Bristol too really feels like the arse. And hey, at least you've got the weather...

9:00 AM  
Blogger Skull Juice said...

Only someone who doesn't live in london could ever say that, swap?

8:09 PM  
Blogger Blackest said...

fair point, skull juice, fair point

12:15 PM  

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