Wednesday, January 18, 2006

We Don't Play... Breaks!

So the Elbow Room era comes to a close... We had some great nights there and it was always enjoyable to play, but during the past 4 or 5 months the behaviour of the doormen has just spiralled downhill. Typical duo that you'll get across the world. You've seen them. The big, fat, quiet one that just stands there grunting, and the little one that thinks that he's a bigshot hard man because his ogre of a friend's standing behind him. We've all heard of 'short man syndrome' before, and this man is the epitome of the phrase. He is, in short, a cunt. Jeanette, on the other hand, is a spiteful, evil bitch. I must admit that I sometimes take pleasure from the misfortune of others, but this woman takes it to a totally different level. I really do hope her and the Turk get together and create a little satan-child that drives them crazy. I echo Softie's thoughts regarding Jim; he's treated us with respect and supported what we set out to do, but I can't help but feel a little annoyed that he didn't stick his oar in a bit more to keep us there. Or even give us a bit of bloody notice! There are some more Tape events planned for the near future (see below), and we hope to get a venue in place to host Matt Waites. Anyway... less of the bitching, more of the tuneage. The first track that I present to you is by German producer Oliver Koletzki. Der Muckenschwarm is an electro/techno monster with a fat rolling bassline and sharp crisp production. Also... that melody! A dancefloor monster that probably would've come out at the Tape that will never be....

Oliver Koletzki - Der Muckenschwarm // Cocoon

Here's a tune from a record that really does take me back to the early Tape days, the b-side to Elan. I remember every time Mr. Soft played me the A-side I'd go "what's this?" to which he'd reply "you know... just listen." Then the main melody would hit and I'd know exactly what it was. Sounded great at the time, and still does now.

The b-side's a bit more floaty but still keeps that irresistable Kohncke throb. Not really one for the dancefloor, although it has had an airing early at Tape courtesy of yours truely. In a word... lush.

Justus Kohncke - Taste // Kompakt

Here's a little nugget from last year by a six piece disco-funk band called Superthriller. They impressed Beck so much that he's taking them out on his European tour this year. Not that I'm a particular fan of Beck, but this song has it all. The cheek, the swagger, the bravado, and funk! Check that cheesy synth solo - so wrong but so right!

Superthriller - I'm Gonna Ask To Leave At Three So Call Me // Mint

...and now for something completely different! To prove we're not all about the dancefloor here's a bit of electronic noise rock for your ears. 65 Days Of Static come out of Sheffield, and this is from their first album. Often going on gigantic 40 date UK tours, these boys aren't shy of live material as they proved when I saw them at the Croft last year, packing in a good 90 minute set with only 2 albums to their name. Listen as the walls of noise build and build until the simply heavenly crescendo kicks in. Just fantastic music that few bands are trying to create at the moment.

65 Days Of Static - Retreat! Retreat! // Monotreme

In other news (and finally making sense of the caption), Tape will be doing a special night with the You Don't Play boys at Cosies sometime in the near future. It's Puffin's favourite venue in Bristol, and damn it's good. It's true! You're guaranteed to have a good night at Cosies. Even if some pissed up 50 year old with vomit and whiskey on his breath is breathing his stench all over you while reciting Hamlet. It happened... it happened. You should've seen his dancing!


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