Monday, January 23, 2006

Two things I learned today (I should really have learned more, I am supposedly at university):

1. The logo of Get Physical Records is derived from the sleeve of Olivia Newton-John's 'Physical' LP. Who'd have thought it?

2. The new twelve on Get Physical - 'The Learnings' EP by Jona - is really, really good. For the first couple of listens I was indifferent, just as I was on hearing DJ T's 'Ambush' a few weeks back. But I now find myself addicted to 'Learning From The Mistakes', the EP's lead track...The 'Shade (I presume that they're the engineers on this) have really played to their strengths, working up their trademark intricate percussion lines and creating bundles of atmosphere for an inanely catchy melody which is stretched, compressed and reiterated to the point of electro-house nirvana/inaninity. It's still not 'Mandarine Girl', but it shows that the Berliners haven't lost their way completely...At base, nothing new, but this is really well-produced and will no doubt be absolutely huge.

Jona - Learning From The Mistakes // Get Physical


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