Monday, January 16, 2006

"This is the number one song (of 2005) in heaven...."

It would be damn rude to proclaim something the best track of 2005, and then not post it wouldn't it? Oh Mr Soft! To make up for his shortcomings, we have it here for your downloading pleasure. If you haven't already heard it by now, listen to the jewel in the crown of Kompakt's Speicher series.

Wighnomy Brothers - Wombat // Kompakt

Kompakt have now established themselves as the kingpins of Germany's electronic music scene, but that doesn't mean that there aren't any new interesting labels springing up. Mobilee was started up by Anja Schneider, German radio DJ. Her radio show saw her build up a cult following and soon all the local talents were popping in to play or drop off their latest white label. This is from one of the first few Mobilee releases, produced by Anja along with long time producer Sebo K. Nice, deep techno. And who doesn't love a bit of that?

Anja Schneider & Sebo K - Rancho Relaxo // Mobilee

Here's the new Lindstrom track from the new Battles series. It also features a track by Riton, but it's Hans Peter that comes out on top this time, proving that he's still got some creative juices left. It's a little beatier than the stuff on his LP, but that doesn't mean much seeing as the LP's like an aural pillow. Carry On Cosmic....

Lindstrom - Monsteer // Battle

I put Kelley Polar's 'Here In The Night' on part one of my mix, but there are plenty more great tracks on the album. Here's one that was on the sampler 12", 'My Beauty In The Moon', which kicks off with vocodered acapella before the song implodes into this fucked up throbbing spaceman vibe. Which means that it's great by the way!

Kelley Polar - My Beauty In The Moon // Environ

Sian is Poker Flat's new Irish signing, and he had the honour of having his first release remixed by the Poker Flat head honcho himself, Steve Bug. He gives the original a more spaced out feel, dropping the beats out to let the melody drift a couple of minutes in, before propelling our brains back to that beautiful dancefloor in the sky. Oh Mr Bug... come and play Bristol you bastard!

Sian - Sei (Steve Bug Remix) // Poker Flat

Also, remember to mark the Wednesday 25th January in your diaries as Crosstown Rebels' Matt Tolfrey will be gracing the Native decks for System. Me and Puffin Jack will be there throwing shapes and giving our support on the turntables.


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