Monday, January 23, 2006

Showing the DFA how to treat Britney...

Let's face it, the DFA/Britney collaboration was rubbish. Lacklustre production, nothing going on, and a crap vocal by Britters herself. It was a demo, but come on DFA! You know we have high standards by now! Border Community boss James Holden did a much better job when he remixed 'Breathe On Me', a track that was muted for release but then never came out. How? First, take that damn vocal out! All that now remains of Britney's voice is her trying to breathe sexily. Note that I say 'try', but it's not about the vocal (or whatever's left of it). Holden's gives the song a distinct broken 2-step feel before the minimal acid throb launches it into the stratosphere. Britney's K-fuelled anthem? It's just not right, is it?

Britney Spears - Breathe On Me (James Holden Dub) // White

After that techno tunnel of darkness, I think it's time to put a bit of warmth into our lives. Kompakt Pop is, in my humble opinion, one of life's great freak imprints. Where else would you get fantastic techno interpretations of already great electro-pop? Both the original and Geiger mixes of Heiko Voss' 'I Think About You' are great, but it's German wunderproducer DJ Koze's mix that I've put up to highlight the simply gorgeous soundclash that the Kompakt Pop remixes deliver us. That is when they're good of course, but if you really need proof, check out Superpitcher's mix of The MFA's 'The Difference It Makes' (which features on part 2 of my Tape Me Out mix).

Heiko Voss - I Think About You (DJ Koze Remix) // Kompakt Pop

To 'finish us off', we've got the porno soundtrack stylings of Six Cups Of Rebel, which is actually a pseudonym of Hans-Peter Lindstrom. Released last July on Feedelity, the 'Arp She Said EP' is another juicy slice of super sloooow cosmic disco. The closing track on the EP, 'Kontroll', is the highlight for me with it's lolloping groove, swirling arpeggiated synths and mad Hammond feedback. Cosmic carnage indeed!

Six Cups Of Rebel - Kontroll (The Organ-Grinders Breakdown) // Feedelity


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