Sunday, January 15, 2006

Retardo Villalobos

Recently, it seems that myself, and my fellow TAPE schmeejays Ricky Carnage & Puffin Jack, have all been rather enjoying Villalobos's latest on Cadenza, Achso. Say what you will, there's something magnificent about the way that RV's reputation as hedonistic 'superstar DJ' (look at the goons he's pictured with above) increases in inverse proportion to the accessibility of his music...His production has reached such a point of meticulousness that at times it seems, for better or worse, slightly beyond human grasp...Sure, a lot of it's dull and directionless, but the man's clearly a genius, and geniuses must be allowed their annoying habits. So, in tribute to the mighty Chilean, and as a test of my new-found linking skills, I give you a track from Achso, and one from his superb LP for Perlon, The Au Harem D'Archimede, an album which Puffin describes as one of THE great reasons to get stoned . Both tracks are maddening, both are sublime.

Download: Ricardo Villalobos - Sieso // Cadenza

Download: Ricardo Villalobos - Serpentin // Perlon


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