Saturday, January 28, 2006


2005 was a big year for Anders Trentemoller. Having made something of a name for himself with a string of nicely matured deep house cuts, the arrival of 'Physical Fraction' on Audiomatique and 'Polar Shift' on Poker Flat signalled a significant upheaval of his production sensibilities, and despite being labelled to the contrary, the sound which has become his trademark is anything but minimal. No-one else sounds like this guy (though Martinez, bless him, tries); I eagerly await his '06 output, though it's hard to picture him matching his seismic rockers from the past few months. Anyway, Carnage picked up on a track which 'Moller busted in his late Naked days, a remix of Andy Caldwell & Jay J. Released in '04, you can hear in this brilliant tune the seeds of the the tough tech-funk sound which would flower so magnificently in Poker Flat's garden the following year. Guaranteed to induce serious good vibes on the dancefloor, the breezy vox, fat drums and constant rush of effects are a joy to behold; I may have cheapened this phrase over the years, but believe me when I tell you that this is a big-titted, bona fide Lost Classic.

Andy Caldwell & Jay J - Give A Little (Trentemoller Re-Adjustment)// Naked Music


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