Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kid stays in the picture

I only really know of Alex Kid for his fantastic 'Don't Hide It' on F-Communications, which is a druggy party tune of the bounciest order, has featured on loads of mixes (including Weatherall's excellent Fabric selection) and still gets hammered by DJs now. In short, a classic. So I imagine my joy when I saw that France's Chloe, whose 'Take Care' was perhaps the most accidental and unforgivable ommission from my Top 50 Tracks of '05 list, has collaborated with the 'Kid for a follow-up on Hy:Br (?) records. It's the sound you want, really - quintessentially French acid house, at once chunky and tracky with minimal elements offset by a Kong-sized breakdown. It's a bit dumb, but then so are we.

Alex Kid & Chloe - Afterblaster // Hy:Br


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