Thursday, January 26, 2006

Fake tales of Cosmic Disco

God, where does the time go? Well, recently much of it has been frittered away watching Celebrity Big Brother (how good has that been? Fuck me...) and listening to absurdly long disco workouts. I was hardly lavish in my praise when I posted the mp3, but that Ewan Pearson mix of Goldfrapp is really, really good. Sure, I'd never play it out. But as an affectedly glamorous soundtrack to my various unavoidable domestic negotiations (cleaning, studying, surfing, self-pleasuring) it's impossible to fault, and should I hear someone else playing it out soon I will almost certainly go wild, wild, wild.

But forget all that. Right now, it's Todd Terje's mix of Lindstrom which is causing all the excitement in my humble abode. Until recently, Lindstrom has been the leading light of the 'cosmic disco' firmament, and has been infinitely praised for his prodigious musicianship, productivity and breadth of output. All fair cop. But I dare say I'm not alone in thinking that a lot of his productions are so much dumb, over-egged non-entities, enjoying favour with the techno crowd for the abundance of melody so lacking in the militant minimal everyone loves these days. 'I Feel Space', for one, is inassailable. The same goes for Hans-Peter's mix of LCD, and 'Call Me Mr Telephone' and a fair few others in the huge Lindstrom discography...But when I first laid my ears upon his new Feedelity single 'Another Station', I felt my worse suspicions of the Norse disco don had been forcefully concerned. I mean, is there no one out there taking the cosmic disco aesthetic to more impressive conclusions? (apart, that is, from the Idjut Boys, whose long-term commitment to the sound and wilful lack of self-promotion have seen them cruelly ignored by the majority). Well, yes, there is someone else, and it's Todd Terje. Everyone new 'Eurodans' was something special, and expectations were raised accordingly. In commissioning a mix from Todd of 'Another Station', Lindstrom has set up a battle far more focussed than his recent 'Battle' twelve with Riton. It's facetious, but altogether satisfying, to take 'Another Station' as a head-to-head competition for all-out disco supremacy. Well, thinking in those terms, Terje is the new king, no question. Dispensing with the proggy elements that have been plaguing/enriching nu-disco cuts of late, he aims squarely at the dancefloor right from the outset. A butch, faster than you'd expect beat is the track's driving force (and immediately lifts it out of the stoner ghetto where most CD unwittingly resides), but the number and quality of other elements at work here is mind-boggling - echoed pianos, elastic bass, insane arpeggios, manic bongos, plenty of cowbell, phased vocals - it's all here, and all sewn into a simple, phenomenal groove...The break which occurs about four minutes in is so satisfying I have to strain to not cream my pants. Basically, this is superb dance music, full of ideas, that will have any decent dancefloor's collective heart in its dry collective mouth. It's really fucking cosmic, and it's really fucking disco. Basically. Lindstrom, you're a hero, but as of now Todd Terje (pictured in the post above) is the boss.

Lindstrom - Another Station (Todd Terje Remix) // Feedelity


Blogger Bobby Breidholt said...

Hey, I love the site, good tunes. But please, for the love of all good music, PLEASE switch to or something. Rapidshare is such a pain in the ass...

6:01 PM  
Blogger Richard Carnage said...

I've had a word with Mr Soft about his rapidshare fetish. He started using yousendit but then got annoyed with the time it took to upload. I assure you, he will soon be reverting to using yousendit!

9:33 PM  
Anonymous porn said...

PLEASE switch to or something

9:49 PM  

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